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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Charitable Donation Gifts - Donate Your Timeshare

Charitable Donation Gifts - Donate Your Timeshare Do you own a Timeshare or know of someone who does? Are you looking to unload your Timeshare and get out of all of those expensive Timeshare fees? If so, you could donate your timeshare as a charitable donation to a special needs family who needs it!

In today's economy many Timeshare owners are looking to sell their Timeshares and instead of doing that you could do a really generous and kind charitable donation which may or may not be a tax deduction. Just will finally be out of that contract and be donating it to a worthy cause!

My husband and I have a friend who owns a Timeshare right on the beach and I can't wait to tell him about this program as he has been looking to sell or transfer the contract to someone else but in this economy he has had a heck of time unloading it. This seems like the perfect solution for him since his family no longer uses the condo anymore and they are looking to move on with their lives.

Whether you have a Timeshare in a big resort, small town, in the mountains or one right on the beach this option should be one that you and your family should consider. There are special needs families out there that can put that beautiful Timeshare to good use!

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