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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Would Love To Take A Second Honeymoon To Fiji

Second Honeymoon to Fiji
My husband and I have been talking about taking a second honeymoon to visit the beautiful island known as Fiji. We have never been there and would like to try to find a few Fiji all inclusive resorts to check out before we make any travel arrangements. We have always thought that all inclusive resorts were the best value for our dollar so we are looking into those for our travel accommodations.

I first got interest in traveling to Fiji after seeing Fiji Honeymoon stories in one of my daughter's bridal magazines. Oh my gosh...the photographs were amazing and it looks like a very beautiful place to visit. My daughter got engaged a few weeks ago and has even been talking about Fiji Weddings so maybe that will end up being our second honeymoon trip.

I am hoping that when we take our trip to Fiji that we can spend at least 2 weeks on the island so that we can really take in all of the sights, attractions and sounds that the island has to offer. After I check into some accommodations I will need to find some airline deals so that we can stay within our budget.

Have any of you ever been to Fiji? If you have any tips for my husband and I? If so, please leave them in the comment form below. Thanks!

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