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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Morey's Piers - Morey's Fears the Haunted Amusement Pier

Morey's Piers - Morey's Fears the Haunted Amusement PierLast week we took a mini-vacation down to Wildwood New Jersey and stayed at the posh Montego Bay Resort. We specifically went down there during the weekend so that we could check out Morey's Piers as they were putting on a haunted Halloween event called Morey's Fears.

It was really chilly out the weekend we were there so we did have to bundle up as the breeze coming in off the Atlantic Ocean was pretty cold at times! I believe this was the first year for Morey's Fears and we had such a great time there that we hope they bring it back again next year.Morey's Piers - Morey's Fears the Haunted Amusement Pier

They took one of their famous amusement piers and had it all decked out in spooky Halloween decor and there were even a few folks dressed up (Morey's Employees) which was super nice to see. They had several of their rides open and we did enjoy a few of those while we were visiting. Hubby really enjoyed the haunted roller coaster the best!

Morey's Fears is definitely for the adults but we did have our little granddaughter up on the boardwalk with us for a little while where she enjoyed playing a few arcade games nearby. I do want to say this...that most businesses up on the Wildwood boardwalk are indeed closed during this time of year so there wasn't much for us to do. We did find a few gift shops open and one indoor mini golf course was open and a few places to eat...but other than that...most everything else was closed for the season.Morey's Piers - Morey's Fears the Haunted Amusement Pier

If they do Morey's Fears again next year...we will be it is definitely something fun to do during the Halloween season.

We just hope that if it becomes an annual event that perhaps more gift shops, food places and amusements up and down the boardwalk will be open so that we have more to do while we are down there for the entire weekend.

Overall...we had a great time "playing" at Morey's Fears on the Morey's Piers!