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Monday, October 24, 2011

Planning A Cruise to the Caribbean for Our Next Vacation

Planning A Cruise to the Caribbean for Our Next VacationHubby and I are thinking about taking another cruise since it has been several years since our last one and we are taking a look at celebrity cruises for our next vacation. The cruise that we are considering is a 7 day Caribbean Cruise so that we can explore some of those beautiful Caribbean Islands.

I was looking at prices and they are a lot more affordable than what I thought they would be this time of year. I think taking a nice vacation in the middle of winter down through the warm Caribbean is just what we need since we are not fans of the cold, snowy and icy winters here in Pennsylvania.

One of the things we love about taking cruises is that most times you can get those all-inclusive deals where your price includes your meals, lodging, activities, shows, etc. and that interests us a lot because it helps us to stay within our vacation budget. I also like that we can take a very laid-back trip or we can really fill up our schedule with a bunch of activities...the choice is really ours!

Another thing that interests us is the fact that we don't have to go down to Florida to depart! We found out that several cruise lines now depart from New York and that is only a 4 1/2 hour drive from our home. That will save us a bundle since we won't have to fork out any airfare! We are really excited about taking another cruise and going to a different destination this time around and we are looking to take this journey perhaps as early as next month!

Have any of you ever taken a cruise out of New York? If so, do you have any tips for us? We would love to hear your tips, thoughts and ideas so please leave them in a comment on this blog post! Thanks!

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