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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planning a Ski Trip to Quebec Canada

Ski Trip to Quebec Canada
One of the things on my bucket list is to go and visit Canada. With the wonderful picturesque countryside and the beautiful cities I think it would be a awesome trip. Quebec is on the list as one of the towns I would love to see because of its French influence and I heard that the skiing is good too, so that means I would absolutely LOVE to visit Quebec during the winter season!

Now I am not the skier, my hubby is, but we have been doing some research on the best places to go downhill skiing and Quebec has several excellent resorts with easy access to Quebec City and Montreal. We are looking to stay at a few beautiful resorts and take in the sites in the beautiful cities too. Plus while hubby is skiing for a day or so, I can hit the awesome shops in town.

There are so many great things to do and see in Canada so I think that by starting on the east coast in Quebec will be a great trip. I cannot wait to take in the views in Quebec City! I have been doing some reading for our trip and catching up on all of the sites to see. Lower Town sounds like a great place to spend several afternoons and with the history of the old buildings and battle grounds, it will be a perfect place for my hubby and I to both enjoy spending time wandering the city.

I read that the Winter Carnival in January is a great time to visit the city and that sounds perfect. Hubby can get in his skiing and we both can enjoy the city celebration, do some fun shopping and hopefully fine a few good places to eat.

Have you ever visited Quebec in Canada? If so, did you go during the snowy winter season? That's when we would like to go.

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