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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Looking for some Cheap Hotels

Looking for some Cheap Hotels
Hubby and I decided to add one more vacation trip to our plans this year and want to take a 7-day trip to the U.K. We have never need over there before and now a great opportunity has presented itself to us and we are going to jump on it.

Our very best friends Chris and Renee are going to go with us so we have been busy looking for some cheap hotels. When I say cheap, I don't mean run down and shabby! What I mean is affordable hotels that have some decent ammenities with them and in nice areas of the city.

We plan on flying into Heathrow and already got a fabulous 50% off deal on our airfare. A friend of Renee's is going to have a limo pick us all up at the airport and take us where we need to go and that same limo will be available to drive us around as we go out and about to do our activities that we want to do.

We will be over there for 7 days and 6 nights and want a hotel that is in a nice location but in the center of all of the great activities that we want to do. It would be nice if they have a spa on location or nearby as I want to treat us to a few spa treatments while we are there.

We have been saving up for this special vacation but planned on taking it next spring. Now that a really good opportunity has been presented to us, we will be going over to the U.K. later this fall, right before the holidays to be exact. We heard that it's the perfect time of year to visit there too!

We are really excited about this trip and have a lot of things to do before we leave. Thankfully we got almost 5 months to get all of our arrangements made and things prepared before we leave. Have any of you ever visited the U.K. before? If so, got any tips or suggestions for us?