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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hersheypark Monorail in Hershey

Hersheypark Monorail in HersheyBack in July, we took the family down to Hersheypark and to Zoo America to spend some good quality family time together. We took our 3 year old little granddaughter with us and she had a wonderful time, especially at Zoo America!

While we were in Hersheypark, we took Little G for a ride on the Hershey Monorail which goes around Hershey Park. The line wasn't really long that day (it is usually a long line) so we took advantage of the short wait.

It's a nice ride that goes above many of the areas of the amusement park and it also goes above Zoo America. Little G absolutely loved the monorail and it was the big highlight of the day. (She kept calling it the choo-choo train!).

If you ever go down to Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, we highly suggest you get on the monorail ride, even if there is a wait, it is well worth it! We could see most of Hersheypark (the amusement park), all of Zoo America, the nearby Hershey Chocolate Factory (in the distance) and the Hershey Stadium. It makes for great picture taking too!

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Woman Tribune said...

I have been to Hershey Park quite a few times, but it has been years since the last time. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania so it isn't too big of a trip to get there. I will have to keep it in mind for next summer.