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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach Vacations All Inclusive in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina
An all inclusive Myrtle Beach vacation is one of the most overlooked vacation options in the US. When people think beach vacations in the states, they always start looking for options in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas. However, South Carolina should definitely be on anyone short list.


You can write an article on all inclusive Myrtle Beach resorts without first giving an overview of the beaches! Here is a quick rundown of my two favorites:

Hunting Island Beach

This beach sits on a four mile long island and is the most visited beach in all of South Carolina. There are many attractions on the island and it is a nice place for families and young people as well. The Hunting Island Lighthouse is a must see. This lighthouse was destroyed during the Civil War and was rebuilt in the late 1800's. The other must see attraction is only during early summer. The beach is one of the largest turtle nesting grounds on the entire east coast. If you happen to be vacationing around this time, it is well worth the effort to have a look at this phenomenon.

Folly Beach

This is my other favorite beach, due to the barrier reef. If you ever been here, you surely know what I'm talking about. This is a snorkeling and scuba divers dream. Even if you don't enjoy the watersports, you can still enjoy the beach. It is quite a bit calmer than Hunting Beach, but in my opinion equally as nice.
Sunrise at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina


There are many nightclubs on or near the beach that offer a wide variety of options. Of course, there are many beach themed clubs that are great placed to sit around in the evening and listen to the waves. Many of these clubs are located in or near all of the Myrtle Beach all inclusive resorts. Last time I was in town, I was able to walk down the beach and go to three different "island" themed bars.


Myrtle Beach has it all. From deep sea fishing to water slide parks, you will definitely find what you're looking for in Myrtle Beach. Be sure to check with your all inclusive resort if any of these activities are included or if the hotel offers discounts to their guests. The resort I stayed at offered a pass that allowed you to go to several area attractions and only pay for the pass once. I did not go for the deal, although it did seem to make sense if you're into the water sports.

Once again, an all inclusive Myrtle Beach vacation should be at the top of anyone's shortlist. I'm confident you will have a good time, at a reasonable cost, and come back year after year.

There are many all inclusive resorts to choose from in the US, including some great deals on all inclusive vacations in Florida.

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