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Monday, May 13, 2013

Beached Horseshoe Crab in Wildwood New Jersey

Beached Horseshoe Crab in Wildwood New Jersey

Our photo of the week for this week is one we took while on vacation last Fall down at the Jersey Shore, North Wildwood to be exact!

We were down on vacation for a week and all week long we saw hundreds of horseshoe crabs washing up onto the beach. Some of them were still alive, but most of them were deceased. We always see a few horseshoe crabs dead on the beach everytime that we go, but this time, we saw a LOT more than what we usually see.

On one evening we took a beach walk (about a mile) and counted well over 50 of them dead on the beach! I am not sure why there were so many on this particular week, but I would definitely say there were more than normal!

Anyway, that is our "travel" photo of the week and it was taken in North Wildwood, New Jersey during the second week of September 2012. Enjoy!

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