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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World War II Bunker on Beach in Cape May New Jersey

World War II Bunker on Beach in Cape May New Jersey
Back in early September of this year my family and I took a vacation down to Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey. We spent a wonderful 11 days seeing all the attractions and sites that south Jersey has to offer. Luckily for us, we travel down there a few times every year and are always looking for new family-friendly things to see & do.

While on this last trip down to the Jersey Shore...we went down to Cape May and Sunset Beach. We decided to walk the trails at the Nature Conservancy and from one of the trails we spotted the old World War II Army Bunker that sits on the beach. Officially, it's Battery 223 and located in Cape May.

This battery (bunker) was built in 1942 as part of the 1940 Harbor Defense Program. It was originally built by the Army and then years later turned over to the Navy. Originally this bunker sat an additional 900 feet inland but as you can see, it's definitely on the beach now and very close to the water.

The World War II Bunker is within walking distance of the Cape May Lighthouse, the World War II Lookout Tower at Sunset Beach, the Sunset Beach Mini Golf and other local area attractions. Parking is FREE in this area and you can find several nice areas to park your car and get out and walk.

On the day that this photo was taken...we were on one of the trails that go through the Nature Conservancy and highly recommend that as a free family-friendly activity to do. You can find an entire blog post here on my blog all about that, complete with photos!

You can click on the photo in this blog post to enlarge the photo to see all of the details. Next time we are down to the south Jersey Shore...I plan on getting up close & personal with this bunker so I can get better photographs and take a tour of it. I think it was pretty cool and a great way to teach your kids some information about our country's history.

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