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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hershey Sweet Lights - A Beautiful Show of Holiday Lights

Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania
Last evening we packed up the family and all piled into the car. We headed down to Hershey so that we could visit the Hershey Sweet Lights which is an annual display of holiday lights. This attraction is open from November 15th through January 1st, 2014.

Hershey Sweet Lights is located right off Hersheypark Drive in Hershey. Once on Hersheypark Drive you will want to drive up until you see Sand Beach Road, turn onto Sand Beach Road and follow the signs to Boathouse Road (about a 1/2 mile) until you see the Hershey Sweet Lights entrance which is all lit up. You can't miss it!
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania

The best time to go is during the week so that you avoid the long lines and crowds. We went on a Wednesday evening which was the absolute perfect time to go. If you go on a Sunday through Thursday evening it is $20.00 per car load (includes tax) and if you go on a Friday or Saturday evening it will cost approximately $25.00 per car load (includes tax).

At the front gate they will give you a tour guide and two pairs of 3-D glasses. We had to share them among the four of us because they only give two pairs per car. In the future, I think EVERYONE in the car should be given a pair. You can also opt to buy a bag of caramel popcorn at the gate.
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey Sweet Lights is two miles long. You stay in your car the entire time as you drive along the two miles of wooded trails to see all of the holiday light displays. You can turn your radio on to the channel they have specified at the gate and listen to holiday music as you take your drive.

Everyone loves to play "Reindeer Games" and they do have a fun little game for the family & kids to play. Keep your eyes open through the entire drive and count all of the Rudolph's that you see. Yes, only the Rudolph's and not all of the other reindeer that you will see. I will give you a little hint..he appears over 30 times throughout the drive!
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania

They do have some safety tips that I need to share with all of you:

* Do NOT leave your car for any reason!
* Do not throw out trash or cigarette butts while driving.
* Maintain a safe distance between your car & the car in front of you.
* You are allowed to take photos but do NOT get out of your car or open the doors!
* If you need emergency help use your cell phone to call the security office 717-534-8988 and they will dispatch someone out to you. If you don't have a phone, turn your flashers on. They have staff members throughout the trails that will come out to help you.
Hershey Sweet Lights in Hershey Pennsylvania

The entire drive is approximately 2 miles in length and it took us about 40 minutes to drive all of the way through. We really took our time so that our 4 1/2 year old princess could take-in all of the wonderful holiday light displays that she was seeing. She absolutely squealed with delight the entire time! She was so excited and had a great time!

This is a great activity for you and your family to enjoy if you live in the Hershey Pennsylvania area or if you are visiting our area during the holiday season. Once you are done doing the Hershey Sweet Lights you can head on over to Candylane at Hersheypark or to Hershey Chocolate World for more family holiday fun!

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