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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fast Lane Auto Wash in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Fast Lane Auto Wash in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
We have lived in Harrisburg Pennsylvania since the late 1980's. Over the years we have visited and used various car washes throughout the central Pennsylvania area. Some of them have been okay, but most have been terrible. On top of that, they are usually very expensive and at times a rip off.

Recently we found Fast Lane Auto Wash which sits right off of Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg. It is in a nice and convenient location near the McDonald's and Member's First Credit Union. Besides the auto wash being in a great location, we love that it is a "green" or "earth-friendly" place to take your car and get it cleaned.

It is a nice large car wash with several is rarely crowded and usually no lines. They have a vending machine area where you can grab a snack & a drink or to get change for the car wash machines. Looking for a unique gift? Well, they sell gift cards there too!
Fast Lane Auto Wash in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
You can wash your car, vacuum it out and they even have a big dumpster on the premises for you to throw out all of that nasty trash you have been driving around with. From start to takes us about 20 to 30 minutes and we are done.

One of the best reasons that we love Fast Lane Auto Wash is that they are "green-friendly" and we all need to be going green! Most car washes in this area are not earth-friendly, so it is nice to finally have one here in the Harrisburg area.

You can find the Fast Lane Auto Wash at 1024 Peiffers Lane in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you are on Union Deposit Road, you will want to turn at the McDonald's onto Briarsdale Road and then onto Peiffers Lane. You can't miss it and it can be seen from the main road. We highly recommend them!

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