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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Storm Nika Arrives in Harrisburg

Winter Storm Nika Arrives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
At 11:00 pm on February 4th, 2014 winter storm Nika arrived in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and arrived with a fury! Here in our neck of the woods it the storm started out as some light snow. This light snow was dropping onto the 7.5" of snow we got on Monday and just made a mess.

With that said, the storm really didn't get cooking until around 1:00 am when we all of a sudden heard sleet and freezing rain pelting our windows and bouncing off our house! This ruckus continued all night long and the ice just kept building up.
Winter Storm Nika Arrives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Throughout the night our electrical power flickered on and off and we could hear tree branches coming down and slamming onto the ground all over our property. Since it was dark outside and dangerous, we didn't dare venture outside until daylight arrived.

My mother who lives 15 minutes from us didn't get hit as hard as we did and neither did my daughter who lives only 5 minutes away. For some reason, winter storm Nika really loved hitting and trashing my beautiful neighborhood with its fury!
Winter Storm Nika Arrives in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
While the snow and ice is really pretty to look at when it is hanging off the power lines, buildings and is sure dangerous! Back in December we had an ice storm and had a big mess to clean up after that one. Guess we will be cleaning up our property once again!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this is the last ice storm that we have to deal with this season. Surely, as you can all imagine...we are tired of losing our power and tired of cleaning up all of the mess that is left behind! We are looking ahead to spring and praying that spring gets here sooner than later!

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