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Monday, March 31, 2014

Small Town America - Visiting Duncannon Pennsylvania

Susquehanna River near Duncannon Pennsylvania
Duncannon is located in Perry County, Pennsylvania. This small American town sits right off routes 11/15 and is easily accessible by routes 322/22. Duncannon has approximately 1,508 residents (according to the U.S. 2000 Census) and is located right along the banks of the Susquehanna River. If you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, you will pass through the center of town.

There is not much to see and do there. It is one of your classic small towns in America. With that said, if you are visiting the area or passing through, you might want to check out one of these locations for something to do or to check out some of the old historical buildings.
Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Duncannon
* The Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Duncannon (train station) was built in 1902 and was used for passenger transportation. It sits right along the two railroad tracks that run behind it and in front of it is a parking lot. Back at the turn of the century, this small town was a popular hub for land and water travel. It's now listed as a historical site and the Blue Ridge Cable Company houses their local cable offices inside the refurbished building.
Dellville Covered Bridge - Post Fire in Perry County Pennsylvania

* The Dellville Covered Bridge is located on Old Pine Hill Road in Dellville (right outside of Duncannon). It is a single-span covered bridge that was built in 1889 and spans over Sherman's Creek. It is a really nice & relaxing drive from the center of town out to the Dellville Covered Bridge and we highly recommend that you check it out. Note: The bridge burned down shortly after this post went live on our site. We're now including a photograph of what the bridge looks like today in it's post-fire state. What a shame! I hope they raise some money and re-build that covered bridge some day!
The Red Rabbit Drive-In Restaurant in Duncannon Pennsylvania

* The Red Rabbit Drive-In is an old 50's style drive-in restaurant. They are famous around the area for their delicious "bunny burgers" which are made from 100% beef. The wait staff comes out to your car, takes your order and then when your order is done they will bring it out to you. The Red Rabbit is located on route 322 and is right outside of Duncannon and is open Friday, Saturday and on Sundays.
Hiking at Hawk Rock in Duncannon Pennsylvania

* Hiking at Hawk Rock is great little day trip for those who love to hike. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to hike up and back. Once you get up to the top you will get one beautiful view of Duncannon, the Susquehanna River and the surrounding area. Before you head out for a hike, stop in town and grab a few beverages & a picnic bag lunch to take with you.
Old Sled Works  in Duncannon Pennsylvania
* The Old Sled Works is located right at the edge of town on Market Street. This sled factory got its start back in 1904 and finally ceased to operate as a sled factory back in 1990. The Old Sled Works is now a great retail outlet with hundreds of different antiques and arts & crafts for sale. They also have a penny arcade and an old soda fountain if you are looking to wet your whistle and have a little fun.

* The 3B Ice Cream Shop is open during the late spring, summer and early fall seasons. The locals love to hang out at 3B's to get some of their delicious ice cream. When we visited, I enjoyed mint chocolate chip and my husband enjoy butter pecan. I have to admit, their ice cream is pretty good! 3B Ice Cream is located on the main drag running through town called Market Street in Duncannon.
3B Ice Cream Shop in Duncannon Pennsylvania

* Old Duncannon School Building - When my mother was a teenager and living in Duncannon, her and her siblings attended High School at the old Duncannon School. Matter of fact, four out of five of them graduated High School while attending school in that building, before the school moved down to alongside routes 11/15. These days, I believe it's a township owned building that holds various township offices.
Old Duncannon School Building in Duncannon Pennsylvania

* Christ Lutheran Church in Duncannon - This church has been around for decades and I remember walking by it all of the time as a child when we lived in town. Matter of fact, my best friend's father was the pastor of this small town church for many years before he retired and then passed on. Another reason this church is important to mention is that my husband and I were married in that church back in 1986. It's a beautiful small town church!
Christ Lutheran Church in Duncannon Pennsylvania

* The Pub - is a small town bar and eatery. They offer all kinds of different alcoholic drinks, quick appetizers and some basic hot foods. The Pub has sat on Market Street in Duncannon for many years. I remember The Pub being on the corner of Ann Street and Market Street since the early 1980's and is locally owned and operated.
The Pub - Small Town Bar in Duncannon Pennsylvania

There is not much to see and do in this small town but if you are planning a day trip or just passing through, you can find a few things to see and do while there. Regarding lodging, I wouldn't stay at any of the hotels/motels near Duncannon (personally) and would recommend you stay in one near or in the Harrisburg area instead. Enjoy your trip!

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