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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Cape May New Jersey Lighthouse at Sunset

The Cape May New Jersey Lighthouse at Sunset
Our travel photo of the week for this week happens to be one that I took while we were on vacation back in September 2013 down at the Jersey Shore. If you have been following my travel blog over the past few years you will already know how much I love to see and tour various lighthouses up and down the east coast.

I have visited and toured the lovely Cape May Lighthouse in New Jersey several times. It is one of the prettiest lighthouses in the state of NJ. You can park for free and walk all around the lighthouse grounds (beautiful area) but if you want to go up into the lighthouse for a will need to pay admission.

On this particular day we were hiking on the Nature Conservancy Trails in Cape May and from one of the trails we caught a glimpse of the lighthouse. The photograph was taken while the sun was setting so it's not the brightest photo. I did have to zoom in to get the photo as we were about a mile from the actual lighthouse.

If you would like to see great photos of the lighthouse and learn more about can find several other blog posts right here on my blog in the New Jersey category and all of them have some great photos of the Cape May Lighthouse.

Today, I just wanted to show you this photo that I took while we were hiking the trails and how the lighthouse looks from a distance while the sun was setting. It really was a beautiful evening! Enjoy our newest travel photo of the week! (You can click on the photo to enlarge it to see the fine details).

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