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Thursday, June 26, 2014

HASSLES Miniature Golf Course in North Wildwood

When visiting North Wildwood in New Jersey you will find many different places to play miniature golf. One of our favorite places to play mini golf happens to be at HASSLES Miniature Golf Course. They have a beautifully landscaped course and their ice cream parlor is nearby. Play a round or two and then grab some tasty treats when you are done!

HASSLES Miniature Golf Course is located at 21st Street and Beach in North Wildwood. It is right off the boardwalk and easy to get too. You will find metered parking nearby but during the in-season and busy is better to just walk there than try to find parking. You can call them at 1-609-522-6191 for directions and for further information.
We played a round of golf and got through the course in about 30 minutes. We hit it just at the right time so no one else was playing which made it really nice! We took our time and had a lot of fun!

You will find it to be a semi-easy but yet a little challenging 18 holes. You get 5 strokes (turns) per hole and then you take a penalty. There are some stationary obstacles and some are moving obstacles like the windmill which we found very challenging trying to get our ball through it.

My favorite holes were the lighthouse one and the one where you walk under the man-made water fall. This course is small but yet well laid out. Very nice and clean too! I would love one of those lighthouses for my front or back yards at home! Very cool.

After we played mini golf we walked over to their HASSLES Ice Cream Parlour and enjoyed some delicious tasting ice cream. I went with the traditional chocolate and hubby went for vanilla. They have a ton of different flavors for you to enjoy!

The next time you are visiting the Stone Harbor, Wildwood, Diamond Beach or the Cape May area in southern New Jersey, you will want to check out HASSLES Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Parlor for some affordable family fun! We had a great time!

Once you are done there...head up onto the boardwalk for some additional fun at the arcades or do a little shopping. Lots of things to see and do on the Wildwood boardwalk. Enjoy your trip to the Jersey Shore!

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