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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Strasburg Rail Road - A Day Out With Thomas

Millions of children love Thomas the Tank Engine and right now across the country is an event called "A Day Out With Thomas". Since our little grand daughter and her cousin Joey love Thomas the Tank Engine, we were pretty excited when Thomas visited the Strasburg Rail Road recently down in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. If you are unfamiliar with that area, it sits right outside of Lancaster and Gap Pennsylvania.

Parking was plentiful and we were pretty happy about that since the event was pretty crowded, even at 11am in the morning. We do suggest that you arrive early and dress the kids in comfortable clothing since they will be doing a lot of walking.

After we walked through the gates of the Strasburg Rail Road we came across a large tent where they were showing Thomas videos. The kids really were excited about that and watching those videos got them even more excited about the day.
After we were done there we walked to the Thomas Train Ride and waited 10 minutes in line. We then boarded the train, got comfortable and were finally on our way. The ride lasts for 20 to 25 minutes and goes through the countryside. The kids got to see real working farms complete with cows and horses as we went on our train ride. They really enjoyed this and it was their favorite activity of the day.

We then walked over to the "Pump Car Ride" and the kids waited in line for about 10 minutes until it was their turn to try out the little pump cars. They hopped on and were quickly pumping their cars around the little train tracks which they really enjoyed.

Once they were done there, we walked over to the kiddie train and they took a quick ride on that before we all headed into the gift shop to buy some souvenirs to remind them of their special day with Thomas the Tank Engine!

You can learn more about A Day Out With Thomas by visiting the HIT Entertainment Site. You will find a list of locations, dates and activities. You can learn more about the Strasburg Rail Road located in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and all of the activities that they have to offer by visiting their web site.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary 4-pack of tickets to attend the A Day Out With Thomas Event at the Strasburg Rail Road. All opinions are 100% our own. No monetary compensation was received. Your opinions may differ.

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