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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Beautiful Lighthouses of New Jersey

Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City New Jersey
Absecon Lighthouse
We love to travel and one of our favorite things to do is to travel around the United States checking out all of the beautiful lighthouses that our country has to offer. Many lighthouses are being beautifully preserved by historical societies and others are being left to fall by the wayside.

One of our favorite states to travel in happens to be New Jersey and the Jersey Shore has 18 beautiful lighthouses running up and down their coastline. Some of these beauties are open to the public and several are not.
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse in Wildwood New Jersey
Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
1. Conover Beacon
2. Chapel Hill Lighthouse
3. Sandy Hook Lighthouse
4. Twin Lights Lighthouse of Navesink
5. Sea Girt Lighthouse
6. Barnegat Lighthouse
7. Tucker's Island Light
8. Absecon Lighthouse
9. Hereford Inlet Lighthouse
10. Cape May Lighthouse
11. Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse
12. East Point Lighthouse
13. Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse
14. Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse
15. Elbow of Cross Ledge Lighthouse
16. Finns Point Rear Range Light
17. Ship John Shoal Lighthouse
18. Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse
The Cape May Lighthouse in Cape May, New Jersey
Cape May Lighthouse

The Absecon, Cape May, Hereford Inlet, East Point, Tinicum Rear Range, Sandy Hook, Sea Girt, Twin Lights of Navesink, Barnegat, Tucker's Island and Finns Point Rear Range Lighthouses are all open to the public. Some have "free" admission and other's charge a small admission fee. Many of them allow you to walk around the surrounding grounds for free too.

If you love visiting historic places, such as lighthouses...New Jersey definitely needs to be on your travel bucket list. We have visited 9 out of 18 of them on the list so far and hopefully we will see them all within the next few years.
New Jersey Lighthouses and the Lighthouse Trail

Enjoy your trip to New Jersey and touring all of their beautiful lighthouses along the Atlantic coast. There is an official New Jersey Lighthouse Trail website and trail that you can follow if you're interesting in checking out all of the beautiful lighthouses up and down the coast.

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TravelTechGadgets said...

That's a great list. I am glad you did not include the lighthouse at Atlantic City. Until a few years ago, i never been to AC. When we went, we wanted to check out of the sights, including the lighthouse. The pictures of it showed in great light. After looking for it, which is strange to begin with, turns out it is way off the boardwalk and it between 3 buildings. what a hilarious sight