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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Foliage in Pennsylvania #FallInPA

Every year during the Fall season we love to pack up the car and take a road trip to see the Fall Foliage. This year was no exception and recently we took a road trip from Harrisburg Pennsylvania up to State College.

For our particular route we decided to take 322 up to State College because it passes through several beautiful mountains and valleys. Like past trips through this region, we were not disappointed by all of the gorgeous Fall Foliage that we got to see.

Today I am sharing with all of you some of the fabulous photos that I took along the way. What is really cool about taking road trips is that you can stop along the way and check out what small town America has to offer. 

I really hoping to see a lot of scarlet red or burgundy colored trees on this trip but we mainly saw orange, yellow and golden leaves. Every once in awhile we would spot a red, plum or burgundy tree but not often.

I was surprised to see that in the middle of October that many trees had already dropped a lot of their leaves. But then again...we have been pretty wet, damp and chilly for the past several weeks...perhaps the leaves are peaking a bit early this year. 

The closer we got to State College, the prettier the foliage was...I swear that the State College area here in Pennsylvania has some of the prettiest Fall Foliage if you know where to look. The photo above was taken right outside of State College in Centre Hall. 

Well there you have it! Some photos of the prettiest fall foliage that we recently saw on our road trip from Harrisburg to State College and back. 

Note: You can click on each photo and it will enlarge in a new window so that you can see details up close & personal. Enjoy!

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