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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Review: Snowbirds by Jo Ann Bender

Book Review: Snowbirds by Jo Ann Bender
I love to read, especially books on travel. With that said, the book has to have a great story line behind it that will keep me entertained. Today's travel book review is just that, a great travel book with a fabulous story line.

Book Title: Snowbirds
Author: Jo Ann Bender
ISBN: 978-0-9897571-5-7

Book Synopsis: A woman talks her husband into buying a vintage RV and soon the couple depart on a two thousand-mile road trip from Spokane, Washington, to the Texas border and back. She's completely enamoured with the RV's charming interior, he's just hoping all the rig's mechanical problems have been fixed.

Along the way, they face breakdowns aplenty, but the little turquoise RV also provides bushels of life lessons and lots of aha moments ~ from how to navigate an older RV over hill and dale to how best to stock a motor home to the joy of seeing a flaming red sun set in a desert sky.

Somewhere between the mile markers, the couple realize plenty of adventures still await their marriage and in the forty-year-old RV they've grown to love.

My Thoughts: Obviously my husband and I love to ravel, hence our blog and our preferred method of travel is by taking road trips. Sure, flying there can get you quicker but you definitely miss out on some beautiful sites along the way. Road tripping is definitely the way we prefer to go.

Recently we have been thinking about investing in an RV or a pull-behind travel trailer so when I saw the press release for this book, I knew immediately I wanted to read it. I wasn't disappointed. The book is full of great RV and road travel tips and I love that the author shares her personal feelings on marriage, travel, etc. in the book which really adds to the well-written story line.

As soon as I sat down to start reading the book, I found myself unable to put it down. I spent 3 hours in one sitting just reading and taking-in everything she had to say. Frankly, I would of been frustrated with the RV breaking down immediately but this couple sure does have patience and their patience paid off.

Now that I am done reading the book my sister-in-law wants to read it next, so I will definitely be passing it on. One final the back of the book is a Snowbird Q&A and I absolutely loved reading the questions that were asked and her response to them. Very enlightening!

Indispensable Items for a Snowbird Trip

1. The trip log with tickler notes
2. Frozen, easy-to-cook meals, prepared at home and packaged in freezer bags, laid flat
3. A map for each state
4. Baggies
5. New wiper blades
6. Bathrobes and slippers
7. Gifts representing our state (potatoes, apples, handmade items, the cookbook we wrote)
8. Easy-going companion with a sense of humor
9. Tool kit with wrenches, sockets
10. Rolls of quarters for laundry, tolls, phone calls, gambling (minimum of sixty dollars in cash for each day we’ll be on the road for groceries, attractions, and cash-only service stations)
11. Flashlight for each occupant, plus one spare for the person who can’t find theirs
12. Flood lamp

About the Author: Jo Ann Bender received a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Iowa, 1953. She did graduate work at the University of Northern Iowa and Gonzaga University. She has worked as a Medical Book Editor Mosby Publishing, St. Louis; Managing Editor Florissant Valley, MO (Reporter); and Public Relations Director American Red Cross Chapters in Waterloo, Iowa, and Great Falls, Montana. She lives with her husband Bud in Colville, Washington.

Disclaimer: Shelly has personally reviewed the product listed above. Shelly has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Shelly did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ. The PA Travel Blog is not responsible for delivery/shipping of giveaway items won from this blog nor are we responsible for mis-use or injury caused by items won from this Blog. Content on this blog is copyrighted, all rights reserved. We reserve the right to legally pursue anyone who violates our rights and/or steals our copyrighted material.

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