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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Beautiful Lighthouse in Hershey Pennsylvania

Lighthouse in Hershey Pennsylvania
When I talk to people who are not from Hershey Pennsylvania and tell them about our beautiful lighthouse that sits in the middle of downtown Hershey they all shake their head in disbelief. While it is true that you typically find lighthouses along the coast, here in Hershey we have our very own special lighthouse that used to be a part of the old Hershey Swimming Complex.

Back in 1929 and through 1967 the Hershey Swimming Complex was the "in" place to be during the warmer summertime months! People by the thousands used to flock to this swimming complex for a day of fun in the sun! Once the complex was closed...over the years they filled in those swimming pools with beautiful landscaping and tore down the old bathhouses. All that remains now is the lighthouse which was refurbished and re-landscaped back in 2005.
Lighthouse in Hershey Pennsylvania

The lighthouse is not open to tourists or to the public. You can park your car nearby and walk to the existing lighthouse to see it better and to get some photographs. I suggest parking at Hershey Chocolate World and then walking down.

Nearby you will find Hersheypark, Hershey Chocolate World, The Falconry and the Giant Center. So, if you are heading to any of those locations, the beautiful Lighthouse in Hershey is nearby.

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