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Monday, January 19, 2015

Extended Stay Accommodations - Perfect for Business Travelers

Extended Stay Accommodations - Perfect for Business Travelers Are you heading out of town for a long personal vacation or a corporate business trip? Are you considering some short-term housing for your trip? If you are looking to stay at your destination for a couple of weeks to a few months, extended stay accommodations is the answer!

What are extended stay accommodations? They are apartments, condos, suites and residences that are leased out to the traveler who needs a play to stay for a few weeks up to a few months in duration.

Benefits to extended stay accommodations:

* cost effective
* more comfortable than a short-term, road-side hotel or motel
* convenient locations
* space (more roomy than a traditional style hotel or motel)
* modern and updated furnishings (fully furnished)
* short term leases
* weekly maid and housekeeping services available
* exceptionally clean residences
* more privacy and less noise!

You can find extended stay residences all across the United State of America and in almost every metropolitan major city. The price points for this type of short-term housing depends on location, size of the apartment or condominium that you lease, along with a few other factors.

When making these types of arrangements for your trip, you want to get all of the information that you can on the place you are considering before you sign the lease.
This includes all costs, amenities you may need, location of the property, cleanliness, any special health needs (wheelchair accessible, if needed), and so forth. Once you have the information, you can decide if this is the type of short-term housing that you need.

When hitting the road for your next business trip, short term housing is often better than a local hotel or motel and in most instances, more affordable! Enjoy your trip!

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