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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Personal Misting Humidifier for Travelers

Personal Misting Humidifier for Travelers
My husband and I do a lot of traveling. Every month you can find us hitting the road for either a business trip or a personal vacation. We try to be minimalist packers but there are some things that we absolutely need when we travel.

For example, I suffer with seasonal allergies and sinus infections. Hubby suffers with sleep apnea and dry nasal passages. Due to these conditions, we have to travel with a misting humidifier every time we hit the road.

In the past we used to drag around a humidifier that was as big as a 12-pack soda box. It was clunky in it's size, heavy and took up way too much space. It was a real pain in the butt to pack and wasn't the easiest thing to operate. We knew there had to be a better way!
Personal Misting Humidifier for Travelers

Let me introduce you to the Personal Misting Humidifier by Violife. Model # VMH101. This ultrasonic humidifier uses a standard water bottle and features a 270 degree rotating nozzle. You can basically point that nozzle in any direction that you need.

Additional features that I love include adjustable vapor output, 3-color changing light, a universal power adapter and it comes with a one year warranty. The entire unit has a very small footprint and doesn't take up hardly any room. It is super light-weight and you can put it in your luggage, carry-on bag or even in a tote bag.

The vapor mist is very fine and you can see it coming out of the unit. It is not tossing droplets of water all over the place and making a mess at all. This unit is powerful enough to do an entire small room which is perfect for a hotel room, RV, camper or bedroom at home.
Personal Misting Humidifier for Travelers

To operate you add your single-serving bottle of water into the top of the unit, plug it in, turn it on and adjust the rotating nozzle. Your done and it immediately starts producing a very fine moisturizing mist into the air. Since we use ours when we are primarily sleeping, we appreciate that the machine is whisper quiet. That's right, it makes no noise and it won't keep you up at night!

We absolutely love this personal misting humidifier from the great folks over at Violife. You can visit their web site to learn more about this product and other items that they sell. You can also check them out on Facebook too.

Disclosure: Shelly H. was given a complimentary personal misting humidifier by Violife to try out for her review. Regardless, her thoughts, opinions and ideas expressed in this review are 100% her own and were not influenced by the company. No monetary compensation was received.

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