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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg

Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Sometimes when hubby and I travel we like to visit cemeteries, especially if they are close by to where we are staying. Some cemeteries have beautiful religious statues and well-manicured grounds. In addition, we like to walk through them and see all of the beautiful headstones, flower gardens, benches, etc. that you often find when you visit a cemetery.

We are very fortunate that we live right down the street from Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg Pennsylvania which is one of the prettiest cemeteries here in our state, especially here in the Harrisburg area.
Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
We have several beloved family members buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens and when we visit, we plan an entire afternoon to be there. We love to get out of the car and just walk the entire memorial garden as we pay our respects to our loved ones.

Walking around the cemetery is a beautiful experience and they have several nice religious statues throughout the gardens. It makes for easy walking and we often see people walking or jogging through the gardens. Of course, the best time to visit is during the spring, summer and fall.
Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
If walking or jogging isn't your thing...don't worry, they have plenty of garden benches that you can sit on and just relax. We like to sit on one particular bench that is right underneath and old oak tree. Makes for beautiful shade and you can get a nice view of most of the gardens.

What is really unique about this memorial garden is that you don't see any "upright" grave stones. All of the ones here are flat against the ground so there is nothing really obstructing any of your views. Some of them do have vases on them and I like seeing all of the various floral arrangements that people leave for their loved ones.
Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

You can learn more about Woodlawn Memorial Gardens and the Burial Services that they have to offer. The public can walk through the gardens during normal hours of operation. You can also learn more by visiting them on Facebook.

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