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Friday, March 20, 2015

Beautiful Aerial Views Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico

Beautiful Aerial Views Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico
My husband and I got married back in September 2014 and flew into Cancun Mexico for our honeymoon. We chose this specific destination on the advice given to us by our travel agent and have absolutely no regrets.

We flew from BWI (in Baltimore Maryland) and had a short layover in Florida to change planes and then headed straight into Cancun International Airport. At the airport we had to go through customs and thankfully they had an area where we could do money exchanges right there. You can also get transportation and make hotel reservations but all of this was pre-arranged for us. 
Beautiful Aerial Views Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico

Once we landed and took care of business, the hotel sent a shuttle for us and took us to our final destination which was in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico. You can learn more about this specific region along the Mexican coastline by visiting their web site. 

These two photos were taken while we were in flight and circling around to get ready to land. As you can see...the water is a beautiful deep blue color and you can see all of the resorts and hotels lined up along the coast. It is really a beautiful area and my husband and I plan on returning in the very near future.

* Guest Post by Jenelle C. 

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