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Monday, July 6, 2015

Visiting the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary

The Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary is a national natural landmark that is located in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. The Sanctuary is open to the public and you can find guided tours or self-guided tours.

If you want to take a guided will find those at the Egret Espy Patch at 114th Street and 2nd Avenue. Each guided tour lasts for 1 hour in length and are a great educational experience for the entire family.

There are 4 total walking paths with 3 of them being open year-round to the public. The 4th path is closed to the public March through October as they are nesting grounds and the wildlife can't be disturbed.

On the day that we visited we decided to walk the Heron Overlook Path which was absolutely beautiful. We were the ONLY people on the path so we really took our time to enjoy it.

These paths are very easy to walk...great for the young and old alike. Along the paths you will find benches where you can sit down for awhile and just soak in all of the beautiful sights.

When you are walking along you will find some of the educational boards where you can stop to read about this natural habitat and the animals that live there. We found the information to be extremely helpful and valuable as we walked along the paths.

This path is one of the shortest and we walked the entire thing in less than 15 minutes. We did choose to sit down on one of the benches and just relax before we headed back to the very small parking area.

Before visiting the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary you should check out their web site and download their free apps to help guide you and give you additional information.

In the fall we plan on visiting again and trying out one of the other paths in the sanctuary and I will blog about that experience at that time. I really think that you will enjoy this FREE activity located in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

You can learn more by visiting the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary online and make sure you watch one of their virtual tour videos before you go. It will show you what to expect when visiting. We loved it!

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