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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

David Dunleavy SeaLife Wall Murals in North Wildwood

We love to travel and when we do hit the road for a trip...we make sure that we keep our eyes open for some beautiful graffiti street art. Some of the prettiest street art is downtown and in inner cities and others can be located along the coast.
Endangered Swordfish
A few months ago we took a trip down to Wildwood in New Jersey and spotted some beautiful street art. This hand-painted art is painted onto the sides of a public restroom building that sits right up on the beach. The restroom is only open during the busy tourist season and does have running water!
Bottlenose Dolphin
All sides of this public rest room were hand-painted by artist David Dunleavy and each side has a different design. All of them are coastal themed. I have listed the name of each mural in a caption box under each photo in this post. You can visit the David Dunleavy web site to see these work's of art and other's that he has done.
Mother and Baby Dolphins
I need to do some additional research on this artist and will update this post if I learn anything new. I did see on his web site that he has done a bunch of these SeaLife murals and I am on a mission to visit them all, photograph them and of course...feature them here on my travel blog for all of you to see! Yay! I love this kind of stuff!

Note: You can click on each photo in this blog post. It will open in a new window and in an expanded size so that you can view details up close.

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jopb said...

These murals are beautiful works of art. I wonder if he is commissioned for any of them or if, for example, he asks the owners if he can paint the wall of the bathroom house. His work is very attractive and anatomically correct.