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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Visiting Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo

Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo is located in Baton Rouge Louisiana and is just a short 15 minute drive from the downtown area. They are open year-round but closed for all major holidays. Admission: Children ages 2-12 years of age $5.25 and teens/adults are $8.25 per person. Discounts are given for groups and seniors.
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana

We've been to a few different zoos in this area but this one is are all-time favorite! It's beautifully landscaped, laid out nicely and it's really easy to get around this zoo. As soon as you walk through the admission gates you are immediately excited about all of the animals and exhibits you are about to see.
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana

Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo has it all! As you walk through the exhibits you will see all kinds of different animals. They've got beautiful birds, big cats, mammals of all kinds, reptiles, primates and more! They've got animals you thought you would never see and they got the ones that bring in the big the big cats!
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana

The Mammals: Tiger, Lion, Sheep, Goats, Bobcat, Bison, Ibex, Zebra, Jaguar, Cotton-Top Tamarin, Bongo, Cheetah, Serval, Giraffe, River Otter, River Hog, Chinchilla, Bears, Foxes, Hippos and many more!

The Birds: Ducks, Pelicans, Cranes, Swans, Ostrich, Storks, Barred Owl, Bald Eagle, Condor, Emu, Macaw, Toucan, Flamingo, Peafowl and many more!
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana

Reptiles: Snakes, Turtles, Tortoises, Lizards, Bearded Dragon, Alligators and more!

Miscellaneous: Frogs, Toads, Various Species of Fish, Bugs like Cockroaches, Spiders and Millipedes.
Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana

This is just a small "taste" of the types of animals you will see at the beautiful Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo! If you would like to learn more you can visit their site online which includes a "Live Tiger Cam" for the kids to enjoy.

When visiting you will want to allow at least 2-3 hours of time so that you can fully enjoy the zoo. You will want to dress comfortably for the season and wear comfortable shoes for all of the walking that you will be doing. We love this southern zoo and we know you all will love it too! If you ever get a chance to visit...we highly recommend this one to all of you!

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jopb said...

You find the most interesting zoos to visit. I would love to go threesome day and see how this Baton Rouge zoo compares to others. I know I would love it because I enjoy seeing animals in all the zoos I have ever visited.