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Friday, April 29, 2016

Wildwood Beach Photos from Summer 2015

Beach in Wildwood New Jersey
Last year my husband and I took an extended trip down to Wildwood in New Jersey. Over the past few months we've been sharing a lot of Wildwood reviews, traveling tips and various travel articles with all of you related to the gorgeous island known as Wildwood.
Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

All of the posts we've shared here on the blog and all of the photos we've shared on our New Jersey Pinterest board have been extremely popular posts for us last year. We've been please with the response we've gotten from all of you and wanted to share a few more photos from summer 2015.
Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

If you have never visited's a beautiful place to visit. Out of all of the south Jersey Shore's our favorite with Cape May running a close second. One of the things we love about it is that all of the beaches in Wildwood are free (no beach tags required) and their beaches are very clean!
Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

The coastline is broken down into 4 main areas: North Wildwood, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Diamond Beach. Out of all four...our favorite is North Wildwood and we love to park our chairs & towels on the beach right behind the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse which is the prettiest area on the island (at least in our opinion).
Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

The island is beautiful to visit during most times of the year but our favorite time is during the first half in the month of June or the first half in the month of September. During the months of July and August...well, it's extremely crowded since it's the height of the tourist season.
Wildwood Lifeguard Station in New Jersey

Today I am featuring a few more photos from our trip back in June and July of 2015. They are just miscellaneous photos of the Wildwood Beach area that I thought our readers would enjoy. All photos were scaled down so that this page would load quicker. If you click on each photo it will open up in a new window and in full-size so that you can view the details better.

We will be heading back down to Wildwood in New Jersey in early June 2016 and are looking forward to our next trip to this beautiful Jersey Shore destination. Enjoy!

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jopb said...

I have enjoyed all your posts about Wildwood and want to visit there soon. I think the photo of the giant fire hydrant is hilarious. I love that all the beaches are free and clean.