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Monday, May 30, 2016

William Penn Statue at City Hall in Philadelphia

William Penn Statue - City Hall Philadelphia Pennsylvania
The William Penn Statue sits on top of the city hall building in downtown Philadelphia. William Penn is contributed to being the founder of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania was named after him. The statue sits on the top of the 16th tallest building in the state and is made from bronze.

The Philadelphia City Hall building is located at 1 Penn Square East and is pretty easy to get to. City Hall is the seat of government for the city of brotherly love, aka Philly. It was constructed back in 1871 through 1901 at a cost of $24 million dollars. Wow, that's a lot of money back then, heck, it's still a lot of money now! If you really study the building, you'll see that it was designed in the second empire style.

Philadelphia City Hall is one of the largest municipal buildings in the United States with almost 700 rooms. It would take you days to walk all of the rooms and visit them! The building houses three branches of government: The Mayor's Office, City Council and the Court of Common Pleas. It is a historical national landmark.
Philadelphia City Hall Building in Philly Pennsylvania

When we were visiting Philadelphia a few months ago we took a bike ride up to the City Hall building just so we could get closer to see. With that said, we did this on a very busy weekday and I couldn't get any decent photos other than the one shown in my blog post. Sigh, people are just so impatient these days!

We are hoping to get closer and to be able to walk around more when we visit Philly again this summer. If we do, you bet...I'll be getting some better photos and updating this blog post with the photos and additional information about what we saw.

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jopb said...

My older son lives near Philadelphia and I would love to explore all the different sites there, both historical and cultural. It might be fun to rent a bike too.