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Monday, September 12, 2016

The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night
Heading to Wildwood in New Jersey for Vacation? If so, you're going to love it there! The Wildwoods offer FREE beaches (no beach tags required) and you can find plenty of free and paid metered parking along the boardwalk and streets. Out of all of the south Jersey Shore locations, the Wildwoods have the most fun & exciting things to do!

You'll find all kinds of arcades, gift shops, apparel stores, fudge & candy shops, home decor stores, restaurants, pizza parlors, ice cream shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, a few tattoo joints, coffee shops, miniature golf, old-time photos, etc. lining the boardwalk! There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy here!
The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

During the daytime hours you'll find it less crowded, because most people are out on the beach, in the water or running around the island doing various activities. During the nighttime hours, the Wildwood boardwalk really comes to life!

You can walk from one end to the opposite end in just two to three hours if you're taking your time. Of course if your a jogger or riding a bike, it can be done in less time. If you have trouble walking, you can pay a small fee and take a ride on the Famous Sightseer Tram Car. They charge $3.00 for one way, a total of $6.00 for a round trip.
The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

Thousands of people head to Morey's Piers (there are three of them on the boardwalk) to have some fun on their amusement rides, splash around in their waterpark or to play some fun carnival-style games. We love checking out the rides and get on a few of them every time we visit. We don't go overboard with the rides though, because we find them to be pretty expensive to enjoy.

There are hundreds of different places where you can grab a bite to eat. We love buying our french fries from Curley's along with our lemonade...they have the best! If you're looking for some great pizza, check out Sam's Pizza Palace for that! If fudge and saltwater taffy are your thing, we like buying our's from The Original Fudge Kitchen. Looking for some delicious chocolate-dipped fruits? You'll want to visit Laura's Fudge for that!
The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

If you're a gamer and enjoy playing arcade games, carnival-style games, skeeball, video games & slot'll find a ton of fun arcades up and down the boardwalk. My husband loves to play those cranes to try to win stuffed animals for our grandchildren and I have to admit, he's pretty good at it. A few weeks ago we came home with 9 of them for the kids!

The Wildwood boardwalk really starts hopping with fun & excitement around 8 PM in the evening and is still going strong to midnight. A lot of your regular stores will close around 11 PM but others will remain open until midnight or 1 AM for you to enjoy.
The Fun & Exciting Wildwood Boardwalk at Night

While other south Jersey Shore locations have boardwalks and/or promenades, we find that the boardwalk in Wildwood has the most things to offer. If you're planning a visit to Avalon, Stone Harbor, the Wildwoods and/or Cape May in New Jersey, you definitely have to spend some time on the boardwalk at night!

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jopb said...

The Wildwood boardwalk at night really does have a lot of different activities to do for fun. YOur husband is very good at the games to have won 9 stuffed toys in one night!.