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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We Will Never Forget Wall Mural in North Wildwood

We Will Never Forget Wall Mural in North Wildwood New Jersey
If you've been following our travel blog for awhile now, you'll already know that we love checking out outdoor wall murals and street art when we travel. We've featured quite a few here on our blog and today, we are sharing another one that we found down in North Wildwood New Jersey.

Shame on me for NOT catching the name of the building that this was painted on, but I absolutely love this wall mural for it's meaning! It is definitely fading from the sunshine and saltwater and I hope one day they consider preserving it for future generations to see.
We Will Never Forget Wall Mural in North Wildwood New Jersey

This street art is painted on the side of a large building on the main drag running through North Wildwood in New Jersey. The next time we go down, I will get the exact name of the building and street that it's on, sorry I didn't catch that this time around. It's quite large and I had a hard time getting the entire mural in one photo, so I took 2 different shots.

If you are reading this blog and can offer up any information on this gorgeous piece of street art, please leave me a comment here on the blog or email me through my contact form.
We Will Never Forget Military Heroes Street Art in North Wildwood, New Jersey

Update: The wall mural was replaced with a new one in 2019. The new one is shown in the photograph above and honors all four branches of the United States military: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. It's painted on the side of the Elk Lodge building in North Wildwood, New Jersey. It was painted by MG Signs, who's one of the most popular wall mural companies in the area. Beautiful.

Note: Each photo in this post is clickable. Click on it and it will open up in a new browser window & in an enlarged size, so that you can see all of the little details up close.

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jopb said...

THis is a very large mural and beautifully done. I too hope that the town will take steps to preserve it and/or have the original artist touch it up.