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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Shopping at the Crossroads Antique Mall in Hershey

Crossroads Antique Mall in Hershey Pennsylvania
The Crossroads Antique Mall is located on 825 Cocoa Avenue in Hershey Pennsylvania. This antique mall is housed in an old barn shaped building and it houses more than 80 retailers. If your planning a trip to Hershey (the sweetest place one earth) or you live in the south central Pennsylvania area, this is one antique mall that you'll want to check out.

When planning your visit, you'll want to visit their website for hours of operation which varies during the seasons throughout the year. It's really easy to find, just get on Cocoa Avenue and you'll find it, it's not fair from the Hershey Theatre and other attractions in the downtown area. Free parking is available on the premises.

On the day that we visited, it wasn't crowded at all. In addition, I didn't see 80+ vendors like their website boasts, but I did see quite a few. In addition, I saw all kinds of antiques ranging from vintage furniture, home decor, dinnerware & glassware, collectibles, old tools, vintage toys, old apparel items, farming items, etc. A really nice selection of vintage items for you to choose from.
Crossroads Antique Mall in Hershey Pennsylvania

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, you may want to bring along your own shopping cart or wheelable utility cart, so that you don't have to keep running back to your vehicle to stowaway your packages. With that said, you don't want something too large or wide...keep it simple please. A large shopping tote would work just as well.

Regarding pricing, I did find their price points to be a little high on the majority of the items I was looking at. I'm an experienced antique shopper and when we travel, I typically seek out local antique malls and stores. With that said, I did find myself 2 nice vintage home decor items that I proudly added to my home.
Crossroads Antique Mall in Hershey Pennsylvania

The Crossroads Antique Mall is a nice store to visit while visiting the Hershey area, especially during a bad weather day when you don't want to be doing any outdoor activities or tours. You'll find them conveniently located on Cocoa Avenue in Hershey Pennsylvania.

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jopb said...

I have not traveled to my antique shops,but I have frequented quite a few thrift shops and consignment stores. I need to look around my new area to see what I can find. I would love to travel to Hershey and see all the sites including the Crossroads Antique Mall.