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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Exploring Chincoteague Island for the First Time

Exploring Chincoteague Island for the First Time
Chincoteague Island sits along the Atlantic coast in northern Virginia and is one of the prettiest places you could ever visit in the entire state! Some of the island is untouched by human encroachment and other areas are set up for tourists and residents alike.

Chincoteague Island has a gorgeous waterfront area where you can see fishing boats coming and going during the day and night. You'll find beautiful recreational boats that are worth millions of dollars where their owners take them out to play on the water or out for a day of fishing. I can see why millions of people flood to this area during their annual summer vacations.
Chincoteague Island in Virginia

On the island you'll find several hotels, motels, bed & breakfast inns, guest houses and camp grounds for your lodging accommodations. Some are relatively affordable and other's can cost you a pretty penny. You should do some research online before booking your reservations if you plan on staying overnight. One thing that you won't find on this island paradise is high-rise buildings, casinos or boardwalks, which is really nice.
Chincoteague Island in Virginia

Chincoteague is Virginia's only beach resort island. You'll find plenty of things to see and do while you're here. You can rent bicycles and go bike riding, walk the beach & waterfront, go fishing, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, sunbathe, play mini golf, kite flying, go shopping, crabbing, clamming and all kinds of other things. There are activities for adults, activities for kids and of course, most activities can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Assateague Island - Wild Horses and Ponies

Assateague Island is the home of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and is a barrier island that lies east of Chincoteague. The entire island is a wildlife sanctuary and is protected from development. The entire length of the island is approximately 38 miles long. The northern portion of this beautiful island is in the state of Maryland with the southern portion being in the state of Virginia. Assateague is world-famous for the wild ponies and horses that roam free on the island and along the coastline.

The two islands are within driving distance of one another and when planning a visit to Chincoteague, I highly recommend that you hop on over to Assateague and check that out too! Plus, you'll find the famous Assateague Lighthouse here too! While these two items are similar in their beauty, they do have their own unique charm.
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

In my honest opinion, every traveler who loves the eastern seaboard should plan at least one trip in their lifetime to Chincoteague Island. It's one of the prettiest coastal destinations along the east coast and certainly in the entire state of Virginia. If you want to learn more about this place and the surrounding area, you can visit the Virginia section right here on our travel blog.

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jopb said...

This island sounds like a beautiful place for a vacation. I would enjoy the wildlife refuge as well as all the activities available. The sunset in your photo is magnificent.

Unknown said...

Love Chincoteague Island !! Have been going there for 21 years for summer vacation and some years for Spring or Fall Roundup of the ponies. Look it up, it is not the Pony Swim. Best place for families.