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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grab a Bite to Eat at O'Rorke's Family Eatery

O'Rorke's Family Eatery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Visiting Gettysburg or the surrounding area? Looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat? If so, we highly recommend that you check out O'Rorke's Family Eatery located at 44 Steinwehr Avenue in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

A few months ago we spend an entire weekend in Gettysburg and we dined one evening at O'rorke's and it was some of the best food that we had in a long time, certainly the best food on this particular trip! On top of enjoying delicious food, it was a nice laid-back & relaxing dining experience.

On their menu you'll find hot soups, sandwiches, steaks that are cooked to perfection, salads, pasta dishes, all kinds appetizers, etc. They truly serve something for everyone, including a few menu items for the kids! If you want to enjoy a cocktail with your meal, they offers those too!
O'Rorke's Family Eatery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania

When we visited, we didn't have to wait at all and were seated as soon as we arrived. The wait staff was very courteous and attended to all of our dining needs. Within 20 to 30 minutes, our food arrived on our table at the proper temperatures and our meals were beautifully presented. There was nothing that was sloppily prepared at all. Throughout our meal the wait staff would check on us to see if we needed anything else or to offer up our beverage refills. Very impressed!

On the day that we were there, we saw a few Civil War re-enactors enjoying a meal and chatting with restaurant visitors. It was fun to have the opportunity to ask these re-enactors some questions about the Civil War and obtain very accurate answers. Equally as was great to see them dressed up in their period clothing attire.

When the weather is nice outside, you can enjoy your food and beverage outside on their patio deck at tables with sun-shielding umbrellas. We chose to dine inside, since the temperatures were pretty warm on the day that we visited. Our entire dining experience from beginning to end was an excellent experience!

If you're heading to Gettysburg for a weekend getaway, vacation or just passing through, make sure you check out O'rorke's Family Eatery for an awesome dining experience.

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jopb said...

I always appreciate reviews of good places to eat. Sometimes these family eateries can be excellent such as the one you just reviewed