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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Famous Sightseer Tram Car in Wildwood

The Famous Sightseer Tram Car in Wildwood New Jersey
One of the most iconic and famous things you'll see on the Wildwoods Boardwalk is the world famous Sightseer Tram Car that runs from the north end to the south end of the boardwalk during the summer season. This season is basically from May through September. It does NOT operate on severe bad weather days (light rain & drizzle is okay).

The tram car costs $3.00 (as of the year 2016) to go each way. If you want to take a scenic round trip, you'll have to pay $6.00 per person. Seating is a free-for-all and you basically just find an open seat and sit down. When we ride it, I like to sit in the front, so that I can get unobstructed views of things I want to see. Plus, it makes for better picture-taking opportunities.
The Famous Sightseer Tram Car in Wildwood New Jersey

You can get on or off of the tram car at just about any location up and down the boardwalk. They do have a mini-office sitting on the boards on the north end and one on the south end. You can buy tickets there or you can pay & get on any where that it stops along the route.

One thing I noticed this past summer season is that some of the trams are decorated up in their Coca-Cola sponsorship theme and others still look like the classic yellow-version from years ago. I love all things about marketing and I think it's pretty cool that Coca-Cola has their marketing on several different things that you'll notice as you go up and down the boards. If you're looking for the "classic-look" you'll find those photos in a different post right here on our blog from a few years ago.
The Wildwoods Boardwalk in Wildwood New Jersey

The tram cars are NOT the cleanest cars in the world, so you do want to check out your seat before sitting down. In addition, you'll want to keep the kids sitting with their arms & legs within the car. No standing up until it has completely stopped. You'll typically see two employees (one on the front driving it & one on the caboose - back end), so if you have any questions, they're pretty friendly & happy to answer to them.

If you've never taken a ride on it, it's a definite must-do (at least once) during your Jersey Shore trip. It's a great way to get from end to the other end and to take in all of the scenic sights along the way. It's a really nice option for those who can't do a lot of distance walking and for those who are handicap to get from one place to another.

Note: All photos in this travel feature are clickable. You can click on each one which will open it up in a new browser window & in a slideshow which will show them in an enlarged size, so that you can view all of those smaller details.

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jopb said...

I would love to ride on these tram cars. I wish you had included the link so that I could compare the appearance of the older trams to the ones with Coca Cola on them.