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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Must-Have for Travelers: Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, or may have an important meeting or conference to attend, chances are you’re going to need to power up your electronic devices. Fortunately, Accell has some great power solutions that are absolutely perfect for those who love to travel.

Let me introduce you to the Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station by Accell. Before I get started with my review, I want to openly state that we received this product (complimentary) to try out and feature here on our travel blog.
Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station

Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station Features:

* Ideal for home, office or travel.
* Round, flat design, featuring 6 adapter-spaced outlets.
* 2 USB charging ports feature smart chips to provide a combined 2.4A of fast charging for USB powered devices, including mobile phones, tablets and portable music players.
* Skid & Scratch Resistant Base.
* Green LED Power Indicator Light.
* Blue LED Surge Protection Indicator Light.
* 1080 Joules Surge Protection.
* 15 AMP Circuit Breaker.
* 5 Year Connected Equipment Limited Warranty.
* Available in white or black.
* Affordable with a MSRP: $35.99

When we travel, we travel with a lot of electronics! We always have at least one laptop and one tablet along with us. Then we mix in our video camera, our digital camera, 2 cellphones and an iPod. We travel with no less than 6 devices at a time! When we arrive at our destination, we're lucky if we can find two empty outlets in our hotel room and rarely do we find any USB charging stations. Yes, USB charging stations are becoming more common, but 80% of the time, we don't find them in our hotel rooms.

We recently took a weekend trip and took along our new Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station along with us. We plugged it into an outlet in our hotel room and at the end of each day, we plugged our electronic devices into it. I really like how well this thing is designed and it was able to easily fit our power-packs that are attached to our charging cords. I also like that it's shaped flat like a flying saucer and I was able to slide it underneath the desk, so it was out of the way.
Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station

Another great thing is that it's fairly light-weight and compact in size. You can easily tuck it into an overnight bag, piece of luggage, a briefcase or a backpack when traveling. Each of the 6 adapter outlets are adequately spaced out, so that you can get 6 devices plugged in and charging. On the side of the unit is where you'll find the two USB charging ports which are fantastic for charging up our digital camera and our video camera. This thing is amazing!

We travel a lot and let me tell you, we won't be leaving home without our Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station! Now that we're home again, we plugged it into an outlet in our home office and really love that we can charge up our devices quickly and that everything is charging up in one particular place, instead of all over our house. Now that's what I call being organized!

You can learn more about ACCELL by visiting their website online. You can connect with the company on Facebook too.

Disclosure: We received a complimentary Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station from ACCELL to feature in this blog post. No monetary compensation was received. Regardless of receiving a complimentary product, our thoughts, words and opinions are 100% our own.

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jopb said...

With all the gadgets we carry around a power center charging station like this makes it much easier to charge our items. Sometimes I think we need to use them less.