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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Family Fun at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park and Zoo in Halifax Pennsylvania
The Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is located in Halifax Pennsylvania and has been open for business since 1965. The park has a safari tour, zoo exhibits, a petty zoo and a fun playground for the little kids. It's a family-owned business that welcomes over 170.000 visitors every year.

Every summer my family likes to get together and plan a day trip up to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park to visit with all of the animals. Since we plan these family outings, we like to pack a picnic-style lunch and pack our lunches with beverages into a cooler. Then...once we're done visiting the park, we can enjoy a picnic lunch as a family.
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania

When visiting the wildlife park and zoo, you'll find all kinds of exotic animals living there. You'll see lions, deer, bears, alligators, snakes, turtles, lizards, goats, buffalo, tigers, camels, several species of monkeys & primates, cranes, elands, zebra, ostrich, peacocks, tree sloth, kangaroos, peacocks, birds and many more! Out of all of the zoos and wildlife parks in south central Pennsylvania, this one really offers you a nice variety of species to see and learn about.
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania

When visiting, we try to plan our visit during a weekday when it's less crowded. On the weekends, they can get really crowded and lines can form. If you really want to experience this place at a leisurely pace, then I highly recommend planning a weekday visit. In addition, we prefer visiting late spring, very early summer or early in the fall with the temperatures are really nice & comfortable.
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania

Every time we visit, we plan to be there for an entire afternoon. We recommend allowing a minimum of 2 1/2 hours in your schedule if you plan on seeing and doing all of the activities that the park has to offer. Since we normally visit as a large family group, we typically plan on visiting the park for 4 hours before heading back home.
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania

There are rules and guidelines when visiting the park and you need to make yourself aware of them (via their website) before you plan your visit. They don't want you bringing in your own food and beverages, unless it's for a baby or small child with special needs. In addition, I do recommend that you bring along hand wipes and hand sanitizer, so that you can clean your hands as you go along. As soon as you return to your vehicle, you'll want to give your hands a good overall cleaning.
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania

We love visiting Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax Pennsylvania and every year it has become a family tradition to visit. If you're going to be visiting the area or live in the state of New York or New Jersey, it's a great day trip to plan with the family. If you're going to be vacationing in Lancaster, Hershey or Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is within a 2 hour drive of Lancaster and a 1 hour drive from the Hershey and Harrisburg area.

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jopb said...

I would love to visit this wildlife park. I love seeing all kinds of animals. Perhaps when I am visiting my son in the summer we could plan a trip to go there.