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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 Marriage Locations You Should Definitely Consider

5 Marriage Locations You Should Definitely Consider
Getting married is one of the biggest events that every couple should look forward to because it could only happen once in a lifetime. If you and your partner are making plans to get married at a place far away, here are 5 overseas marriage locations that will surely keep you inspired and in love.

1. Birmingham UK, Marriott Hotel
There’s no other way to get married than doing it with elegance and style. Choosing Birmingham UK, Marriott Hotel is the wisest move if you want to achieve this marriage goal. Why? Well, first of all Birmingham is one of the beautiful places that the UK is most proud off and if you want to impress your guests, pick the Marriott Hotel. Besides, this grandest hotel offers a picture-perfect view for any couple who wish to have a lasting memory that they could hang in their dream home. Birmingham UK, Marriott Hotel is also situated in the city of Birmingham, so you won’t have to worry about your guests being entertained while waiting for the big day to arrive. Amongst the famous tourist places they could visit are Broad Street, Cadbury World, Barclaycard Arena and ICC, plus the fact that the hotel is known for its spacious and highly facilitated bedrooms.

2. Italy

A better way to say “I do” to the one whom you want to share the rest of your life is by choosing Italy as your romantic venue for your marriage vows. If you hired a wedding organizer to plan your big Italian wedding, feel free to check the thousands of wedding venues all over Italy. You can start from the beautiful getaway city of Lake Como, Isle of Capri, or go to the magnificent city of Rome. The choices of places to marry in Italy are vast and you can never go wrong with their historical and amazing architectural designs of their churches like the St. Mark Basilica.
5 Marriage Locations You Should Definitely Consider

3. Las Vegas

Do you want to go adventurous and get married like your favorite movie icons? Well, why not try getting married the Las Vegas way? If you and your partner would want to marry without having to worry about too many preparations and simply tie the knot to be officially married, you can go to Las Vegas and choose from the many chapels that are there. In fact, you can even try their famous drive-in chapel windows and have the marriage ceremony done by an Elvis impersonator. That would indeed be a memorable wedding day for couples who can’t wait for months to get married.

4. Kauai

Dreaming of an exotic wedding ceremony? Kauai, often called the “garden Island” is a top favorite for couples who wish to tie the knot among the Islands of Hawaii. This wedding venue is ideal for couples who want a casual wedding done near the pristine beach. So take your pick, go for the breathtaking waterfall view of Na Pali Coast or be extraordinary with a Waimea Canyon wedding. Kauai is perfect for couples who don’t want to travel outside the US territory, but still get the feel of a unique wedding ceremony.

5. Bermuda

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean is another awesome wedding venue, Bermuda. Again, if you want to get married surrounded by a pink sandy beach, this is one of the best places to consider.

I do hope you have gotten some wonderful ideas on where to get married. Remember, this is an important event that must be done with careful planning and preparations. Just one piece of advice, if you decide to choose Birmingham UK, Marriott Hotel, consider a wedding car hire Birmingham provider that offers a top performing Rolls Royce to complete that elegant look and arrive in style on your wedding day.

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