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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Visiting the Niagara Wax Museum of History

Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York
Heading to Niagara Falls, New York and looking for a few inexpensive things to do? If so, you'll want to visit the Niagara Wax Museum of History located on 303 Prospect Street in Niagara Falls. This wax museum sits right across the street to the world-famous Niagara Falls State Park and is just minutes from Rainbow Bridge.
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York

The wax museum is open year-round, hours do vary depending on the season and day of the week. Attached to the museum is a large souvenir and gift store. Matter of fact, if you're shopping for gifts and souvenirs, it's one of the most affordable gift shops in the area. You'll find t-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, figurines, dolls, toys, official Niagara Falls souvenirs & gifts and much more! 
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Mother Theresa

This is an "older" type of wax museum that is currently being updated and modernized. You'll find 46 exhibits with over 10,000 square feet of display space. On the day that we visited, we were the only ones there. We went as soon as they opened to beat the crowds, which was really nice! 
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York

Once inside you'll be treated to a wide variety of exhibits. You'll see a few that feature Mark Twain, Julia Roberts, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, President Abe Lincoln and other famous people that you've heard of. There are also many other's that you haven't, but you'll learn more about them while you're there.
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Julia Roberts

We love visiting wax museums and I have to admit, I really enjoyed seeing Julia Roberts and Mother Theresa. Both of these waxes really did resemble the people that they were portraying. However, the one of Princess Diana was terribly done, at least in my honest opinion. I totally thought that it didn't look like her at all. 
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York

If you have any type of disability, you should be able to get through the museum quite easily. The walking aisle is wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair, but be forewarned that we didn't find many places to sit down at all. In other words, you'll practically be on your feet the entire time, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. 
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York

As you walk through you'll learn about some of the people that have made Niagara Falls famous over the years and the history of the falls itself, including some of the "crazies" who got into various type's of barrels and went over the falls for a thrill. You'll learn a little bit about the Native Americans who lived there (many still do), along with their culture and history.
Niagara Wax Museum of History - Niagara Falls New York

From start to finish...we spent a little over an hour exploring the place and really enjoyed our visit. Like I said, this is an older-style wax museum, so you basically don't find a lot of modern-day thrills here. However, it's something nice to do with the family that's affordable when you're visiting the Niagara Falls area. 

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