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Thursday, May 11, 2017

USB Rechargeable Power Bank LED Camping Lantern

USB Rechargeable Power Bank LED Camping Lantern
How many of you love to travel, more specifically, love to go camping? I know we do, but honestly, we don't get to do it as often as we would like. Sigh. When we do head out for a weekend of camping fun, we always take along the BEST camping lanterns that we have and all of them have come from Dorcy.

One of our favorite camping lanterns is the USB Rechargeable Power Bank LED Lantern from Dorcy. This battery-operated lantern has some amazing features and really gives off bright LED light. I love all of the different lighting settings that you can get with just this one lantern! Check out all of these cool features with it.

* Input/Output Charging Capabilities
* USB Output for Emergency Cell Phone Charging
* Area Light
* 3 Settings: Bright, Normal, Low
* 5 Hour Run Time
* IPX 4 Water Resistant
* 250 Lumens
* Includes Emergency Battery Back-Up Feature
* Push Button Switch with Power Indicator
* Folding Carry Handle
* USB Ports Compartment (Micro USB & USB Port)
* Runs on 4 AA Batteries
USB Rechargeable Power Bank LED Camping Lantern

One of the things I like about the lantern is it's slender-tall shape. It doesn't take up much space at all, unlike the typical fat-round lanterns that you often see in the retail outdoor stores. Second, it's very light-weight and has a carrying handle, so you can carry it around, hang it up or sit in on a solid surface, like your favorite table.

Next...I love the easy push-button function which is located right on the front of the lantern. Push get bright light. Push twice...get normal light and push a third time and get low light. Hold the button down for 2-3 seconds and the lantern will shut off. It's extremely easy to operate!
USB Rechargeable Power Bank LED Camping Lantern

Finally, I love that we can use this lantern to recharge our cellphones which is absolutely vital to do during a power outage or while you are spending some time outdoors camping. If you are rugging it, you already know there won't be any electrical power sources nearby. This is one way that you can recharge your smartphones!

Head on over to Dorcy and take a look at all of their lighting products. We've always been very pleased with all of the lanterns we've received from Dorcy. They're powerful, durable and have some of the greatest features available.

Disclaimer: Shelly H. has personally reviewed the product listed above. Shelly has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Shelly did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.  Thanks!

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