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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

12 Casual Dining Restaurants in Harrisburg

12 Casual Dining Restaurants in Harrisburg
Looking for a great casual dining experience while visiting Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? If so, I thought today that I would recommend 12 of my favorite place to eat. All 12 of these places are very casual and welcome children. They are clean and friendly places that serve great food. If you want to save a little bit of money, several of them offer dining specials with coupons on their website and several other's will give discounts to YELP users.
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

El Rodeo - this is our favorite place to get Mexican food in the Harrisburg area. At times they even offer live Mexican Music bands and serve up a wonderful array of margaritas! You'll find El Rodeo located right off of route 22 in Colonial Park. They do get busy during the weekends, so try to visit them during non-prime-time hours.

Hoss's Steak and Sea - Just as the name implies, they have great steaks and seafood along with a salad and soup bar. This place is very children friendly, but you'll have to drive down to Hummelstown for your meal. One of the best things we like to order from Hoss's are their steaks, soups and homemade breads! If you love desserts, they've got a dessert bar too!
Texas Roadhouse in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Texas Roadhouse - Looking for a great steak from a casual restaurant? If so, we love the steaks and ribs from Texas Roadhouse! If it's your Birthday the staff will even sing a Happy Birthday song to you! If you enjoy a good cocktail beverage or beer with your meal, you can get that at Texas Roadhouse too. During the weekends, it can get very crowded and rowdy here, so be aware of that before making your dining plans.

Panera Bread - When it comes to soups, salads and sandwiches, we enjoy visiting the Panera Bread located right off of Union Deposit Road. While there are other locations in the area, we prefer this one because we get quicker service and the wait-staff is really friendly. You can dine-in or order take-out.
The Capitol Diner in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Capitol Diner - Typically when you think of diner food, you think of awful food that's over-cooked and greasy. However, that's not the case at The Capitol Diner in Harrisburg which is located in Swatara Township. This diner offers affordable, delicious food and is family-friendly. A great stop for travelers who may be passing through and looking for an affordable hot meal.

Applebee's - Who doesn't love Applebee's and their delicious steaks and appetizers?!? Applebee's in Colonial Park has a great dining atmosphere and we really enjoy all of the specials that they run on their appetizers. Really friendly wait-staff and the menu has something for everyone.

Outback Steakhouse - Most of the locals that we know enjoy visiting the Outback Steakhouse located on Union Deposit Road when it comes to enjoying an affordable steak dinner. We have many steak houses in the area, but most of the people that I know prefer dining at Outback.
The Wharf Bar and Grill in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Wharf Bar and Grill - You'll find this restaurant located on Derry Street and if you're staying in the downtown area, it's about a 12-15 minute drive as you head towards Hummelstown and Hershey. One of the reasons this establishment makes our dining list is because we enjoy their steaks and seafood dishes. Matter of fact, my husband swears they have the best seafood in the area.

Olive Garden - You'll find the Olive Garden located off route 22 in Colonial Park and it's located near many of the major shopping centers. When we take the entire family out for dinner, the majority of the time they select the O.G. as their choice. If you enjoy visiting a family-friendly restaurant that offers authentic Italian food, the Olive Garden is the perfect choice.
Buffalo Wild Wings in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Buffalo Wild Wings - There are a lot of restaurants in the area that offer bbq wings, but our favorite place to get them is at Buffalo Wild Wings, located at the Colonial Park Mall, off of Jonestown Road. They have oodles of different type's of chicken wings on their menu and the service is always great! You can dine-in or grab take-out! When ordering take-out, I recommend calling ahead to place your order to save on time.
Greystone Public House in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Greystone Public House - This restaurant switched owner's hands a few years ago and has this new name. I'm pretty happy that it's under new ownership because the service & food has greatly improved! This place gets really busy, so I do recommend that you call ahead & make reservations. It's more of an upscale eatery, compared to the other's here on our list. They serve all kinds of steaks, seafood, fish and other type's of entrees and their appetizers are pretty good. With that said, they're on the pricey side in regards to cost. You'll find them located at 2120 on Colonial Road.
The Brats Grille in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The Brats Grille - This restaurant just opened a couple of months ago and is fantastic if your looking for a hot meal in a casual atmosphere. You'll find them located on 3867 Derry Street and they serve delicious-tasting brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, cheesesteaks, subs, salads and more!

New additions to our list (We ONLY recommend places that we've personally dined at. They make our list once we've visited them at least 3 times and have had great experiences). 
Longhorn Steakhouse in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Longhorn Steakhouse - This steakhouse restaurant is located on the property of the Colonial Park Mall in Harrisburg, right off route 22 (Jonestown Road). If you're looking for a casual dining steakhouse, we highly recommend them. During all of our visits we've enjoyed perfectly grilled steaks and they have a decent kid's menu too.
Promenade Family Dining Restaurant in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Promenade Family Dining Restaurant - This restaurant is located right on Derry Street in Harrisburg. A great casual-style, family-friendly restaurant that has a large menu that's affordably priced. Every time we go to the Promenade we get fast service, delicious food and its never, EVER crowded! We're big fans of their meatloaf, ham steak and open-faced hot turkey sandwiches. Delicious!!!
The Waffle House Restaurant

The Waffle House - This restaurant is open 24 hours a day and is located on Union Deposit Road. It's one of my family's favorite places to grab breakfast during the weekends, especially after church. They serve all kinds of different breakfast foods in addition to their delicious waffles. Their lunch & dinner menu includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steaks, french fries, grilled chicken, chili, hot and cold sandwiches and more.
Fleming's Original Sub Base Restaurant in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Fleming's Original Sub Base - This casual sub-style restaurant is located on 3697 Derry Street and offers some of the best subs in the area. Everything that we've ordered has always tasted fresh and delicious! They offer some of the most unique meat-sub combinations in the area, along with various soups and salads. If you're looking for freshly made subs, this is definitely the place to go in the Harrisburg area.
TGI Friday's on Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

TGI Fridays - This casual American restaurant and combo sports bar is located on Union Deposit Road in Harrisburg. They offer steaks, burgers, seafood, a little bit of Mexican food, soups, salads, a ton of different appetizers, desserts, beverages, etc. They do have a kid's menu. We recommend ordering their steaks, sweet potato fries, soft pretzel sticks with warm honey sauce, etc. A lot of great menu items to choose from.

There are oodles of great casual dining restaurants in the Harrisburg area and this list of 12 is just scratching the surface. Do you have a favorite place that you enjoy eating at? If so, let us know about it in our comments section below. Bon Appetite!

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