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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tips on Photographing the Amish People in Lancaster County

Tips on Photographing the Amish People in Lancaster County Pennsylvania
Lancaster County is home to thousands of Amish families and millions of tourists flock to Lancaster to see them. Matter of fact, it's a big tourism business in Pennsylvania. With that said, the Amish do NOT like their photographs to be taken. It's against their religion (vanity) and when visiting the area, it's important to be respectful to our Amish neighbors.

Here are some Tips on Photographing the Amish People, Buggies and the Amish Farms

1. Never take a photograph that clearly shows their face(s). If you feel inclined to photograph them, please do so from behind or from an angle that doesn't show their face. In addition, it's impolite to walk up to them and ask for a photograph, so please refrain from doing so.

2. They typically don't mind if you take photographs of their horse and buggy's. When doing so, make sure you don't capture a clear shot of any identifying information on the buggy, including license plates. Don't hold up traffic or block/delay them in any way, just so you can get a picture.

3. Please don't take pictures of their children that show's their faces.Children are minors and it's recommended that you avoid taking pictures of them. If you insist on doing so, they should be from a distance and their faces shouldn't be shown.

4. A lot of visitors like taking photographs of the beautiful Amish farms located throughout Lancaster County. Never go on private property. If you're taking a picture of an Amish farm, you need to do so from a distance. Don't include mailbox addresses, street/road addresses, house numbers or any identifying information. They're entitled to their privacy.
Tips on Photographing the Amish People in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

In other words, it's perfectly fine to take pictures of the Amish way of life. That includes their horse & buggy, the farms & barns, exterior of their homes, etc. It's NOT okay to photograph their faces or photograph any identifying information (as explained above).

Please be courteous and respectful of the Amish who live within our community and they'll be courteous and respectful to you! 

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