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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hummelstown Brownstone Quarries Historical Marker

Hummelstown Brownstone Quarries Historical Marker in Pennsylvania
We took a day trip down to Hummelstown Pennsylvania to do some shopping in the downtown business district and to visit a nearby restaurant. While walking around the downtown streets we came across a historical marker that we hadn't noticed before. Every time we travel, we always seek out these markers, so that we can photograph and document them along the way.

This particular historical marker is located 104 East Main Street in Hummelstown. You can briefly pull over on East Main Street, but I recommend that if you want to get some nice photographs of it, that you pull down the nearby side street and park. Walk up and around the corner and you'll be standing right in front of it.

This particular historical marker was erected in 2005 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Here's what it says:

High quality brownstone was quarried near here 1863-1929, and sold across the nation as a preferred masonry material of builders. The Hummelstown Brownstone Company, founded by Allen Walton, employed immigrant skilled stone-cutters and laborers in its quarries.
United Church of Christ - Old Brownstone Church in Hummelstown Pennsylvania

As your driving down East Main Street, you'll see it sitting right in front of the United Church of Christ which was built out of the local brownstone. That church is absolutely gorgeous and since we love looking at old churches, we were pretty impressed with it's old beauty! There are a few more old brownstone buildings along Main Street too.

If you're looking for more historical markers in the area, you can find some right here on our blog and make sure you check out our Pinterest Board too!

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