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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Red Rabbit Old-Fashioned 50's Style Drive-In Restaurant

The Red Rabbit Drive In Restaurant in Duncannon Pennsylvania
The Red Rabbit Drive-In Restaurant located on route 322 in Duncannon has been open for business since 1964. You'll find them located a 1/4 mile east of routes 11/15 and a 1/2 mile west of  the Clark's Ferry Bridge. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Perry County, Pennsylvania.

My parents got married in the late 1960's and told me that they used to go to the Red Rabbit for dinner during the early years in the marriage. When I was a teenager, I would often go on dates to the Red Rabbit too. Now that I'm married with my own family, we enjoy visiting the Red Rabbit a few times every year.
The Red Rabbit Drive In Restaurant in Duncannon Pennsylvania

We live in the Harrisburg area and the Red Rabbit is about a 20 minute drive from our home. If you're coming from the Harrisburg area...get on route 322 and take it up to Duncannon. Right after you cross the Susquehanna River via the Clark's Ferry Bridge, you'll see the restaurant on the right side of the road.

They're open on Friday's through Sunday's from early February through late November. They're closed December, January and on major holidays. Please note: You will need to pay cash for your meal (credit cards are not accepted) and if you plan on using your debit card, there is an ATM machine on the property.
The Red Rabbit Drive In Restaurant in Duncannon Pennsylvania

One of the things that the Red Rabbit is known for is their delicious single and double Bunny Burgers! Oh my gosh, they're the BEST burgers in the area! Their menu also includes pulled pork sandwiches, ham BBQ, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken, french fries, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, pizza and more! If you're looking for dessert, they have those too! We recommend trying one of their creamy milkshakes or the banana boat! YUM!

Please note - This is a drive-in restaurant! There are no indoor seating options! They bring your order to the car and you can eat your meal inside your car, at a picnic table or take it to go. Service is at car-side...order taken and delivered to you while you wait comfortably in your car! Just like the good old days!
The Red Rabbit Drive In Restaurant in Duncannon Pennsylvania

You can learn more about the Red Rabbit Drive In's history and obtain a current copy of their menu by visiting their website online and by connecting with them over on Facebook.

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