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Sunday, May 20, 2018

8 Fun Things to do on the Boardwalk in Ocean City

8 Things to do on the Boardwalk in Ocean City New Jersey
Ocean City is one of the best seaside family resorts on the east coast, certainly in the great state of New Jersey. I first started going to Ocean City in 1972 at the age of five. I'm now 50 years old and still enjoy visiting O.C. at least once every year.

One of the things that attracts families to this seaside resort is the simple fact that it's a "dry beach" and "dry city", meaning that alcohol is not permitted for sale within the city. Second, the family-friendly boardwalk stretches for 2 1/2 miles down the beach. It's a well-maintained city that always has some type of activity or event going on, year-round.
Ocean City Music Pier in New Jersey

The island itself (yes, Ocean City is an island) stretches for 7 miles and is considered to be a barrier island with the Atlantic Ocean to it's east and the wetlands & bay to it's west. From Memorial Day through Labor Day beach goer's are required to purchase beach tags if they plan on being on the beach. This money is used to keep the beaches clean and for all beach-related upkeep.

When visiting the Boardwalk in Ocean City, you'll find all kinds of fun things to do...right on the family-friendly boardwalk!

1. Ocean City Music Pier - Hosts all kinds of different events, fairs, festivals and shows throughout the year. You can purchase tickets through the online box office or at several locations in the city.
Gillian's Wonderland Amusement Rides in Ocean City New Jersey

2. Gillian's Wonderland - This fun-filled amusement park has been around for decades! I can remember getting on various rides when I was a little girl. You can buy tickets for each ride and pay as you go or you can buy a wristband for unlimited rides for that particular day. Gillian's is only open during the summer season.
Adventure Mini Golf in Ocean City New Jersey

3. Miniature Golf - There are several locations up and down the boardwalk that offer a good game of mini golf. We have two favorites when we like to visit: Kongo Falls and Adventure Golf. In our honest opinion, these are the best two mini golf courses on the entire island.

4. Bike Riding - During the early morning hours you can rent bicycles at several different locations and take a ride up and down the boardwalk. You can ONLY be on the boardwalk riding bikes during the posted hours and you need to be courteous to the pedestrians who are also on the boardwalk at the same time.
Liberty Escape Rooms in Ocean City New Jersey

5. Liberty Escape Rooms - Up for a challenging adventure? Looking for something different to do? If so, you need to visit the Liberty Escape Rooms located right on the boardwalk!
Mirror Maze in Ocean City New Jersey

6. Mirror Maze - If you're looking for something more "classic" to do, then you'll want to head to the Mirror Maze where you'll find several mirror mazes for you and the family to try out. They're a lot of fun, but you do need to have some patience when going through the mazes.

7. Arcade Games - No visit to the beach would be complete without playing a few arcade and/or carnival-style games. You'll find numerous arcades and carnival-style game booths along the boardwalk. Some games are for the entire family to enjoy and others are geared towards adults.
Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk and Waterpark
8. Outdoor Waterpark - If you and the kids really want to have some fun...consider spending the day at a fun outdoor waterpark! If the beach and sand isn't your thing, this is definitely the way to go. Just be forewarned, the waterparks aren't cheap and can be on the pricey side, but the fun is well-worth it!

As you can see, these 8 Fun Things to Do on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey is just the tip of the iceberg! Ocean City definitely is the place to be if you plan on visiting the south Jersey Shore!

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