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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Spending the Day at Higbee Beach in Cape May

Higbee Beach in Cape May New Jersey
Higbee Beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches in Cape May, New Jersey. Matter of fact, if you want to avoid buying beach tags on the regular Cape May beaches, you'll want to spend the day on Sunset Beach or Higbee Beach, no beach tags required!

Every time we visit Cape May we like to take the grandchildren over to Higbee Beach for the day. If you're unfamiliar with the area...follow all of the signs to Sunset Beach and park in the Sunset Beach parking lot. Sunset Beach is to your left and Higbee Beach is to your right. You'll follow the marked path down to the beach.
Higbee Beach in Cape May New Jersey

Higbee Beach in Cape May New Jersey

You'll want to bring along your own beach chairs, towels and other beach necessities. You can bring along a picnic-style lunch or purchase a hot lunch from the Sunset Grille. We typically buy our food and beverages there...because they're affordable and actually pretty good! Make sure you bring a trash bag and clean-up after your done. 

Things to do while there? Well, there's plenty! You can hang out on the beach all day long to sunbathe and play in the water. You can comb the beach looking for seashells and those famous Cape May Diamonds which are plentiful in this area. You can watch the Cape May and Lewes Ferry cross the bay and watch all of the dolphin & whale watching boats right off the shoreline. 
Cape May Diamonds from Higbee Beach in Cape May New Jersey

Sunset Beach Grill in Cape May New Jersey

You can head on over to Sunset Beach and shop in their 3 on-site gift shops, watch the evening flag ceremony, check out the Atlantus Concrete Sunken Ship (sits right offshore), tour the World War II Lookout Tower and/or take in a game of miniature golf. In our honest opinion, Sunset Beach Mini Golf is the best in the area!!! 

If you're heading down to Stone Harbor, Avalon, Wildwood or Cape May in New Jersey, you'll want to head on over to Higbee Beach and Sunset Beach for some family fun! 

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SueZH said...

I've been down to Cape May many times but never heard of Higbee Beach. I do remember seeing the sunken ship when I was a child but that was a long, long time ago.