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Monday, September 3, 2018

The Historic Bridgeton Covered Bridge in Indiana

The historic Bridgeton Covered Bridge is located in Bridgeton, Indiana and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (December  1978). The bridge takes locals and travelers across Big Raccoon Creek and measures approximately 267 feet long by 13 feet wide. It has a clearance of 12 feet.

It's a Double Burr arch double span truss bridge that is made out of wood. The bridge that is currently there today is a reproduction of the original bridge which was built in 1868. After the original bridge caught on fire and fell into the creek, a reproduction was built in 2006 by local citizens and the state of Indiana. (The photo in this post shows the reproduction (current) bridge.
The Historic Bridgeton Covered Bridge in Indiana

Also shown in the photograph is Bridgeton Mills. According to Wikipedia, the old mill has been refurbished and is currently owned by Mike Roe and produces over 20 different milled products. I love that the mill is located so close to the old covered bridge because they look beautiful when photographed together.

Bridgeton itself is a community in Parke County, Indiana. It's a very small town with approximately 130 residents, but there are approximately 17,241 who live in Parke County. During the month of October they community hosts a Covered Bridge Festival with over 400 vendors offering up food, collectibles, crafts, antiques, local artwork and more! You can learn more about this small town by visiting the Bridgeton Indiana website.

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