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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cornwall Banks Historical Marker in Cornwall

My wife and I have been road tripping it around the great state of Pennsylvania and checking out all of the historical markers along the way. About 7 years ago we got into visiting the markers and documenting them along the way. Millions of people every year just drive by them and never give them a second thought. We're hoping to change that.

While on a road trip through Cornwall in Lebanon County we found several historical markers that we had never seen or documented before. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing them with all of you and documenting them right here on our blog and over on our one board on Pinterest.
Cornwall Banks Historical Marker in Cornwall Pennsylvania

The Cornwall Banks Historical Marker

One of world's greatest iron mines, oldest operated continuously in the New World. It has been mined for more than two centuries, and is still the greatest iron ore deposit east of Lake Superior.

By: 1947 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

If you document historical markers (like we do), you'll find this particular one located on Granite Street, west of Gold Street in Cornwall, Pennsylvania.  If you're going to be visiting the Cornwall Iron Furnace (tourist attraction), it's less than a 1/2 mile away. Matter of fact, you'll find 8 historical markers within a 5 mile radius from one another with many of them having to do with Peter Grubb - the famous iron master. You can visit our Cornwall Iron Furnace feature to learn more about him and the area's iron furnaces and mines.

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