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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Spend the Day Exploring Williams Grove in Mechanicsburg

Williams Grove Flea Market in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
Williams Grove is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and is known for many things. On Sunday's you can visit the flea market which draws hundreds of visitors from around the state every week. If the flea market isn't your thing, the Williams Grove Railroad offers steam train rides, events and expos throughout the year too.

Nearby you'll find the now defunct Williams Grove Amusement Park and a few miles down the road you'll find the Williams Grove Speedway where you'll see some of the finest racing being offered in central Pennsylvania. You can find their complete racing schedule on their official website or follow them on Facebook for current and up-to-date information.
Williams Grove Historical Marker in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania

Located near the property you'll find the Williams Grove Historical Marker which says:

With its excellent railroad connection, this became the site of the Great Grangers' Interstate Picnic Exhibition, founded 1874 by R. H. Thomas of the Pennsylvania State Grange. A week's attendance at this annual event was estimated at 100,000 or more by the 1890's. The John Williams House, built about 1799, stands nearby.

By: 1980 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
Williams Grove Railroad in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania

Williams Grove Railroad in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania

If you're looking for the exact spot and documenting historical markers in Pennsylvania, like'll find it located on Williams Grove Road, on the right-hand side when you're traveling south. You can easily pull off the side of the road to photograph it for your documentation.

Looking for more information about the things you can see and do while visiting the Williams Grove area? You can click on the links throughout our blog post for specific, in-depth reviews on what the area has to offer. You'll find several family-friendly activities to enjoy!

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